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How to remove your supervision condition

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Removing your supervised legal practice condition

Once the required period of supervision is complete, you must apply to us to have the condition removed from your practising certificate.  You don’t have to hold a current practising certificate to make this application.  

  1. Download our template application form and supervisor letter
  2. Ask your supervisor(s) to complete the supervisor letter confirming you have completed your period of supervised practice. We will accept electronic signatures from your supervisors.
  3. Complete the application form and statutory declaration.
  4. Send both the application form and your supervisor(s) letters to us via our lawyer enquiry form, selecting ‘Supervised legal practice’ and ‘Apply for an exemption or removal of my supervised legal practice condition’ from the categories. 
  5. It can take several weeks for us to process these requests.

If you don't remove your supervised legal practice condition

If you don’t have your supervised legal practice condition removed, you must continue to be supervised. The condition will remain on your certificate until we’ve received your application and decided that it can be removed. This means that you can’t practise unsupervised or supervise another lawyer until your certificate no longer carries the supervision condition. 

If you supervise someone else while you still have this condition on your practising certificate, the other person can’t claim the time that you supervised them. You may also face disciplinary action for practising outside the conditions on your certificate.

If you are not being supervised

If you have a supervised legal practice condition on your certificate but you no longer have anyone supervising you, you must stop practising law. This might happen if your supervisor leaves the practice or can’t continue to supervise you and they haven’t arranged an alternative for you. You will need to arrange for another appropriate lawyer to supervise you. If the new supervisor is employed at a different entity, you will need to apply for approval of a remote supervision arrangement. If you are unable to find a new supervisor please contact us via the Lawyer enquiry form, selecting ‘Supervised legal practice’ from the categories, as we may be able to help you.

If you continue to practise without supervision you may face disciplinary action for practising outside the conditions on your certificate.

Further information

We have developed a range of FAQs to support you.

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