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How to apply for a Practising Certificate

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How to apply for a practising certificate

If you intend to practise law in Victoria, you must have a practising certificate. You must hold a current practising certificate at all times that you're engaged in legal practise.

Your practising certificate is valid from the date that it's granted until the end of that financial year (30 June). You need to renew your practising certificate every year.

To apply for a practising certificate you need an organisation (entity) to be assigned to. If you are not currently employed or don’t have a job offer, you can’t apply for a practising certificate. 

Application process and fees

To apply for a practising certificate, log into LSB Online and submit an application form. You can register for a new account if you don't have one yet.

View our ‘Applying for a Victorian practising certificate for the first time’ guide or watch the video below to help you with your application.

Your application must include:

Supervised legal practice

If you are a newly admitted lawyer, your first practising certificate will have a supervised legal practice condition. This means that you must be supervised while you engage in legal practice. Find out more about supervised legal practice.

Applying for your first practising certificate

Watch this video to help you apply for your first practising certificate. 
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